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How Our Land Sales Are Usually Made

January 18, 1916

How Our Land Sales Are Usually Made

Fully eighty per cent of the more than three and a half million dollars of sales of residence lots and orchard tracts that have been made by us in the Atascadero Estates, were originally made by mail, we making the selections for the purchaser, whether as a home or investment.

First, write us as clearly as you can, just about what you would like, the price you wish to pay, whether you are purchasing for a home or strictly for investment, or both, about what means of income you now have, whether you have a family or not, and, if so, about the ages of the children. Give us in general, just what is in your own mind, so as to place us as nearly as possible in your own position. It does not make any difference whether you desire to pay cash, or in sixty equal monthly payments, as the prices on all lots and orchard tracts are a fixed schedule filed with the trustee under the bond issue, and are the same to all, excepting that if you pay part or all cash you will be entitled to the Dividend-Sharing Certificates as the bonus for cash payment.

Without our knowing how much of an investment you desire to make, we would be at a loss to make selections to be submitted to you. The more information you give us, the better judgment we can exercise in making the selections.

On receipt of this information, we then make some very careful selections, submitting them to you in full and complete detail, with panorama photographs showing the properties selected, and holding them out of the sales list until you can consider them.

When a property has been found to exactly suit you and the sale is closed, should you visit Atascadero at any time within a year, and on inspection desire to exchange for any other property in the Estates, the exchange will be cheerfully made.

You are under no obligation to take any of the property submitted to you, but unless it were held out of the sales lists, meantime, the very selection you desire might be sold before your decision could be received.

If our first selections do not suit, we make additional ones, until just what you want is found for you, and if it cannot be found, we will state so plainly, since we expect to be your neighbors and friends the rest of our lives.

You are far more safe in purchasing lands in this way than you would be in making your own selections, unless you are an experienced buyer, know soil types, and are thoroughly informed of all improvements and other plans for the future, and have spent months on the Estates.

We stand behind our sales, and in submitting selections seek to make so clear every feature of them, that you have really a far better knowledge of the lands submitted than you could gain yourself in any other way.

Of course, if you can come on here in person, this would be most advantageous to both you and us, but years of experience, and the making of the selections for more than three thousand separate purchasers, in every walk

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